EESTech Challenge  is an annual European competition of EESTEC (Electrical Engineering STudents' European assoCiation) aimed mainly at Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering students. 

The aim and vision of this action is for students to come into contact with cutting-edge technologies, gain experience in the field of Electrical & Computer Engineering and expand their professional network.

The competition is divided into the regional rounds and the final. Each local round is organized by the respective EESTEC Local Committee and the top teams from each local round go to the final, where they compete with all the winners from the other cities. The procedure has the form hackathon, in which the participants form groups of 3 and are asked to solve a problem related to the theme of the competition.

This year's theme of the competition is Mobile App Development: Gamification

EESTech Challenge Local Round Patras

EESTech Challenge Local Round Patras

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