EESTEC Soft Skills Academy Project

The Soft Skills Academy Patras event is a seminar in which students are given the opportunity to attend and participate for free in a set of experiential trainings on soft skills. But at this point, you may be wondering: what are soft skills? These are elements of our character, related to our interaction with others. How do we behave in a group, how do we make decisions, how do we organize ourselves, how do we manage our time? The skills that help us do all that are soft skills.

The soft skills trainings are conducted by certified EESTEC Trainers, representatives of consulting/HR companies and other experts in the field of soft skills. In Patras, the Soft Skills Academy has been held five times with the last one in March 2023. Of course, we should note that this seminar is part of the international project EESTEC Soft Skills Academy which was created in 2015, and since then SSA events have been held in more than 12 cities every year. The goal of the project is to develop the students both on a personal an professional level, through the trainings and the development of soft skills.

Soft Skills Academy of EESTEC LC Patras

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